Gaming – Yep It Is Important

I often tell people that one of the questions I ask in an interview is “What games do you play”. I like it because it is not something folks rehearse for and I get a myriad of answers and see the true candidate. Why do I care what games they play?

Gamers seek the easter eggs…..they don’t stop till they solve the problem. They are relentless, often pursuing without sleep, or food. Gamers are inquisitive, they have an amazing imagination. What is the right answer? Some say console or some play Magic or some play World of Warcraft like me ( ). Once they tell me what game they play, I follow up with the question when was the last time you stayed up all night to finish a quest or complete a level, etc. These are the folks I am seeking.

Over the years I have hired these gamers and never have I had anything but amazing success, life long friends and a passion to be the best. Nobody games to be mediocre, they game to excel, to help their teammates. How does this translate to business and tech? It does require the leader to understand gamification in team dynamics. You won’t succeed with these folks leading by command and control. If your going to do this and it is more art than science….you need to trust that these gamers will get you there. I found that sharing the vision (the quest) and empowering the team (group) to proceed on their own on the journey (raid). You will be amazed how this group will self regulate, grow, achieve and do so much more.

Do you game? You don’t need to but you do need to understand it. Most millennial game in some way. Whether it be Pokemon Go on phones, Fortnite on console, magic on tables, wow on PC or League of Legends…. they game. How do you harness this and I am not speaking about letting them play at work….although… that bad? We have so much focus on security that we label a lot of things as “bad” but do we understand how to leverage it before we ban it?

More on gamification coming. Want to see me game, follow me on Twitch at tech pro unicorn. Together we can harness the power of the world (real and virtual) to transform. Tell me in the comments – what games do you play?

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