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Who is Tech Pro Unicorn?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. You will always find me taking pictures with Unicorns, for years I have been obsessed. Well here is an early one with me. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates. Tech Pro Unicorn is the brainchild of Michael Grace. In tech for years, here he shares his views and thoughts on tech. Below is the bio for Michael. Michael is available for consulting engagements at Continue reading Who is Tech Pro Unicorn?

3 Ways Healthcare Can Be Better — Even After COVID-19

By AJ Hanna and Michael Grace  The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed all parts of the healthcare system. And while we are seeing the best of our caregivers and those serving in our communities, we are also seeing more clearly the long-standing barriers to efficient execution of healthcare. Many of these are not simple to fix. Will the American healthcare system take this opportunity to push for change once we have stabilized from the current crisis?   With more than 45 years of healthcare experience between the two of us — working for providers and payors, both in operations and IT — we have … Continue reading 3 Ways Healthcare Can Be Better — Even After COVID-19

How To Be An Influencer

Many of us are not in the position to make decisions when it comes to whether or not to do a project, spend significant money or hire a firm you know could help the company.  This doesn’t mean there isn’t a role for you to champion the project, idea, or company forward within the organization as an influencer. The role of influencer is often the most valuable if leveraged correctly. In this article we will explore some key components. Not everyone can be the CFO or CIO, but those folks have so much responsibility that they have to rely on … Continue reading How To Be An Influencer

Meet Twilight

Named for the glowing light that arises on a new day.  Twilight represents the birth of a digital transformation sweeping across the back offices in America with Infor CloudSuite  at the center.  Twilight stands as the representative of the magic that will happen as business process is enabled by best of breed technology.   Twilight was born in Phoenix, AZ home of RPI’s newest office.  Twilight is leading us West to bring the magic of digital transformation to Infor customers in those states.  He will be joined by his human counterparts in this office offering a full range of Infor … Continue reading Meet Twilight

Innovation Unleashed

Isn’t it strange that in a time of crisis, ideas come flying in response?  America is facing a horrifying situation and the demand for PPE, ventilators and other medical equipment exceeds supply.  Immediately, ideas from sources that aren’t even in this industry started pouring in.  I have seen Dyson repurpose their vacuum technology, a ventilator made from Lego robotic pieces, manufacturers change from making cars to making vents, people printing face masks on their own 3D printers and analytics at massive scale be purposed to tell a story.  It is in these unseen times everyone becomes part of the solution … Continue reading Innovation Unleashed

Breaking Through The Clouds – Truth About Cloud ERP!

There’s so much information about moving your ERP to the cloud.  It often becomes difficult to see through the clouds and understand what moving to the cloud really means.  Here the Tech Pro Unicorn will render his opinion on cloud ERP – the good, the bad and the, well… “evolving”.  Depending where you source your information, you will range from the cloud being the panacea for everything to those with the opinion that a cloud ERP introduces elements of risk and opportunities for fraud. Many of the usual suspects have rendered opinions such as Gartner, KLASS and Forrester. One third … Continue reading Breaking Through The Clouds – Truth About Cloud ERP!

Consulting In A Remote World

The industry built on relationships now finds itself distanced from the clients that need it the most.  In this temporary reality, many companies, both on the consulting side as well as the client side, have put restrictions in place related to travel or onsite meetings.  This has forced projects to transition to a remote environment typically not seen before.  Normally, some meetings with consultants happen remove via tools such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Teams or Zoom, but hardly do activities like sales, demos, testing, training, go live support, etc.   Many of these projects are critical for clients to achieve much … Continue reading Consulting In A Remote World

Is The Cloud Right For You?

Yes and no, or the answer might be maybe.  There is a serious focus on the cloud both from a hosting solution to a software as a service model (SaaS).  There is also a lot of misinformation as sales folks urge customers to make the investment.  They portray the cloud as a way to reduce costs, eliminate staff, become more secure, and walk on water.  Okay maybe the last one is a stretch, but the promises are a bit inflated. As you look at the cloud here are the primary pros and cons: Scalability In the cloud it is true that scalability becomes relatively easy.  You can … Continue reading Is The Cloud Right For You?

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is many things to many people. It is a term widely being used to include things like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning, optical character recognition, and many other tools. Suddenly, vendors that we’ve historically used for one thing are now calling themselves intelligent automation vendors. Are they really?   One thing is for certain. Businesses across all types of industries are beginning to realize that intelligent automation tools are a key factor in reducing costs, improving customer service, becoming more agile, and reducing risk. These tools are no longer a competitive advantage but are quickly becoming … Continue reading Intelligent Automation