Lease Management – Now What?

Like some of your colleagues, you are confronted with a change that Infor has made in the product strategy of Lease Management within Infor.  Previously, Infor had a product that was gaining traction across customers.  You’re probably dealing with a few Lease Management emotions, but let’s focus on the next steps here.… So, now what?   Lease management is complicated.  There, the unicorn said it.  It is for sure a contributing reason as to why Infor chose a partnership position.  There are lots of regulatory requirements affecting lease management.  You must comply with ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87 at the minimum.  Have you read all of them to ensure your current process is in compliance?  Most would say … Continue reading Lease Management – Now What?

I don’t have the money in the budget right now for CloudSuite, is there anything I can be doing that’s low cost to prepare?

It’s one of the most common things that we hear in the consulting world. Folks know that they will be moving to a new ERP, but they don’t have the budget right now. Typically, most do a lot of planning around the business case and get a variety of documents together that they put forward to an approval body for funding in the upcoming year. While this is absolutely necessary, it isn’t a great way to really prepare for the work that lies ahead with a CloudSuite Version 11 migration.  Some people say, “I know Michael. We should be looking at our vendor master and getting a list of our reports. But I am gathering a map of our integrations.” While that … Continue reading I don’t have the money in the budget right now for CloudSuite, is there anything I can be doing that’s low cost to prepare?

If “Value” is Your Key Driver In ERP

As I make my way around clients evaluating ERP systems, they are primarily looking at SAP, Oracle, Workday and Infor.  As unique as everyone tells me they are, such as school districts, public sector, healthcare, retail, gaming or other industries, they really aren’t.  You may have complexities, either in your payroll due to perhaps unions or in your supply chain due to a complex distribution channel, but most of these ERP systems can accommodate you.  You will spend countless hours evaluating these systems versus your current platform, guestimating  costs and setting unreal timelines.  Sadly, many will state that their key driver in this whole exercise … Continue reading If “Value” is Your Key Driver In ERP

Why Did A Unicorn Choose RPI?

Unicorns are unique creatures and as such, finding a good match where a company really understands us, values us, accepts us and embraces us is pretty tough.  After my journey to create my own company, start a cool tech blog and begin a search for my forever home, I spent countless hours talking to all kinds of companies with all kinds of opportunities.  There is truly something out there for everyone, but I wanted a very unique opportunity.  I was searching for that needle in a haystack.   What I found was a lot of entry level positions, even more PM roles and lots … Continue reading Why Did A Unicorn Choose RPI?

Digital Transformation Has to Be Holistic in Approach

Consulting with companies across industries has led me to several conclusions.  First, everyone is trying to achieve digital transformation but few really understand what that really means. Secondly, almost everyone is doing it in a silo. Thirdly, there are similar and uncoordinated efforts to “transform” happening all across organizations.  Everyone has the desire, or necessity to transform buying into the hype that it will change their business or reduce costs, but most are doing it wrong.  They lack high enough executive sponsorship, they don’t understand across the organization what it is capable of, they lead with the tool vs the … Continue reading Digital Transformation Has to Be Holistic in Approach

Importance of Quality

Today we talk about the importance of quality. Without it, compromise of expectations happens and that can lead to disappointment. This is important in your personal and professional lives. So many times we compromise in what we put forward to our customers and hope they ride along with us till we fix it. Unless you have their buy in that they are in a BETA or such, this is a dangerous gamble. Continue reading Importance of Quality

Who Are Gamers?

Saw this over the weekend and thought – nailed it. Now translate this to engaged employees. What if your employees never gave up – always got the best result. What if they were heroes and delivered amazingly service or performance to your customers. Wouldn’t you want heroes working for you? You set goals with your employees, these folks really focus on accomplishing all set before them. They take risks, because they believe there is a respawn. That drives imagination and creativity. Just have doers vs. innovators – this is why. They believe they can be anything they need to be, … Continue reading Who Are Gamers?

The Power of Relationships

Relationships – personal and professional is what makes the world go round. Here Michael begins the conversation about professional business networks and the power they hold. Should you just have a small network of key individuals in your line of business or a wide harder to maintain network and how do you keep track of that. Watch the quick video to grow. Continue reading The Power of Relationships

Motivate Yourself To Motivate Others

The below is a recent post by my friend and colleague Nessa Morgan at  She posts regularly about career advice and I have personally used her services for a great resume rewrite.  I was inspired by her personal self-reflection here and in the blue boxes are my personal thoughts on her lessons.  I’d love to see some of your reflections to add to the list in the comments below. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years and maybe you can use them to help propel yourself forward too: LESSON 1 // SUCCESS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT Probably … Continue reading Motivate Yourself To Motivate Others