Breaking Through The Clouds – Truth About Cloud ERP!

There’s so much information about moving your ERP to the cloud.  It often becomes difficult to see through the clouds and understand what moving to the cloud really means.  Here the Tech Pro Unicorn will render his opinion on cloud ERP – the good, the bad and the, well… “evolving”.  Depending where you source your information, you will range from the cloud being the panacea for everything to those with the opinion that a cloud ERP introduces elements of risk and opportunities for fraud. Many of the usual suspects have rendered opinions such as Gartner, KLASS and Forrester. One third … Continue reading Breaking Through The Clouds – Truth About Cloud ERP!

Consulting In A Remote World

The industry built on relationships now finds itself distanced from the clients that need it the most.  In this temporary reality, many companies, both on the consulting side as well as the client side, have put restrictions in place related to travel or onsite meetings.  This has forced projects to transition to a remote environment typically not seen before.  Normally, some meetings with consultants happen remove via tools such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Teams or Zoom, but hardly do activities like sales, demos, testing, training, go live support, etc.   Many of these projects are critical for clients to achieve much … Continue reading Consulting In A Remote World

Is The Cloud Right For You?

Yes and no, or the answer might be maybe.  There is a serious focus on the cloud both from a hosting solution to a software as a service model (SaaS).  There is also a lot of misinformation as sales folks urge customers to make the investment.  They portray the cloud as a way to reduce costs, eliminate staff, become more secure, and walk on water.  Okay maybe the last one is a stretch, but the promises are a bit inflated. As you look at the cloud here are the primary pros and cons: Scalability In the cloud it is true that scalability becomes relatively easy.  You can … Continue reading Is The Cloud Right For You?

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is many things to many people. It is a term widely being used to include things like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning, optical character recognition, and many other tools. Suddenly, vendors that we’ve historically used for one thing are now calling themselves intelligent automation vendors. Are they really?   One thing is for certain. Businesses across all types of industries are beginning to realize that intelligent automation tools are a key factor in reducing costs, improving customer service, becoming more agile, and reducing risk. These tools are no longer a competitive advantage but are quickly becoming … Continue reading Intelligent Automation

Healthcare ERP

Enter the decade of Hospital 4.0.  It would make sense that the back-office operations of healthcare across America also receive a 4.0 upgrade.  Hospital 4.0 was to be realized in 2020 by most predictions and involves IoT, AI, robotics, data and analytics, 3D printing, virtual reality and ease of access.  For the last few years, the pace of innovation around healthcare from a technology perspective has been fast and furious.  You may think, finally, healthcare is going to change and improve.  While the expenditure of all this energy into healthcare is for sure positive, many organizations are left overwhelmed and without an overarching … Continue reading Healthcare ERP

Lease Management – Now What?

Like some of your colleagues, you are confronted with a change that Infor has made in the product strategy of Lease Management within Infor.  Previously, Infor had a product that was gaining traction across customers.  You’re probably dealing with a few Lease Management emotions, but let’s focus on the next steps here.… So, now what?   Lease management is complicated.  There, the unicorn said it.  It is for sure a contributing reason as to why Infor chose a partnership position.  There are lots of regulatory requirements affecting lease management.  You must comply with ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87 at the minimum.  Have you read all of them to ensure your current process is in compliance?  Most would say … Continue reading Lease Management – Now What?

I don’t have the money in the budget right now for CloudSuite, is there anything I can be doing that’s low cost to prepare?

It’s one of the most common things that we hear in the consulting world. Folks know that they will be moving to a new ERP, but they don’t have the budget right now. Typically, most do a lot of planning around the business case and get a variety of documents together that they put forward to an approval body for funding in the upcoming year. While this is absolutely necessary, it isn’t a great way to really prepare for the work that lies ahead with a CloudSuite Version 11 migration.  Some people say, “I know Michael. We should be looking at our vendor master and getting a list of our reports. But I am gathering a map of our integrations.” While that … Continue reading I don’t have the money in the budget right now for CloudSuite, is there anything I can be doing that’s low cost to prepare?

If “Value” is Your Key Driver In ERP

As I make my way around clients evaluating ERP systems, they are primarily looking at SAP, Oracle, Workday and Infor.  As unique as everyone tells me they are, such as school districts, public sector, healthcare, retail, gaming or other industries, they really aren’t.  You may have complexities, either in your payroll due to perhaps unions or in your supply chain due to a complex distribution channel, but most of these ERP systems can accommodate you.  You will spend countless hours evaluating these systems versus your current platform, guestimating  costs and setting unreal timelines.  Sadly, many will state that their key driver in this whole exercise … Continue reading If “Value” is Your Key Driver In ERP