Why Did A Unicorn Choose RPI?

Unicorns are unique creatures and as such, finding a good match where a company really understands us, values us, accepts us and embraces us is pretty tough.  After my journey to create my own company, start a cool tech blog and begin a search for my forever home, I spent countless hours talking to all kinds of companies with all kinds of opportunities.  There is truly something out there for everyone, but I wanted a very unique opportunity.  I was searching for that needle in a haystack.   What I found was a lot of entry level positions, even more PM roles and lots … Continue reading Why Did A Unicorn Choose RPI?

Digital Transformation Has to Be Holistic in Approach

Consulting with companies across industries has led me to several conclusions.  First, everyone is trying to achieve digital transformation but few really understand what that really means. Secondly, almost everyone is doing it in a silo. Thirdly, there are similar and uncoordinated efforts to “transform” happening all across organizations.  Everyone has the desire, or necessity to transform buying into the hype that it will change their business or reduce costs, but most are doing it wrong.  They lack high enough executive sponsorship, they don’t understand across the organization what it is capable of, they lead with the tool vs the … Continue reading Digital Transformation Has to Be Holistic in Approach

What Makes A Unicorn?

Why go through all this effort to start a personal brand and label myself as a mythical creature? This is a bit of a long story. If you have seen me in person, my hair style is in a point in the front, and my kids call this my “unihorn”. I went with it and said, that is right, I am a magical creature. Hey with teenagers, if they think you are magical as a Dad, you have to run with it. It has been a running family label for many years. Recently as I have been meeting more folks … Continue reading What Makes A Unicorn?